Why the Top Earners Get Results and You Don’t

How often have you come to a seminar, listened to a top earner share their methods, taken notes, but then been unable to replicate what they’re doing?

What you may not realize is that when your brain processes the information you hear at the seminar, it distorts and deletes some of that information because of things going on in your world that you’re not even aware of.

As a result, your understanding of that information is not the same as the top earner who delivered it. That’s why they get results and you don’t.


When you hear a top earner speak at a seminar, your brain processes their information through a series of filters.

One of those filters is your personal history. You will interpret their information relative to the events that have happened in your own life.

Another filter is your personal identity. Do you see yourself as a machine that can do anything, or weak and inferior? Do you see yourself as a leader or a follower? This will impact the way you interpret the information you hear.

You filter information based on your values. You will pay more attention to information that aligns with your values and less attention to information that does not. You also filter information based on your current emotional state and whether you’re having a bad or a good day.


One of the most important filters is your belief systems about what is possible.

Imagine that you walk into a store and you’re short on cash. When you walk down the aisles and look at the products, you will process that information through a filter. You will pay close attention to the prices and think about whether you can afford each item.

Now, imagine that you walk into a store and you have plenty of money to spend. You believe that money flows to you effortlessly, and everything you want shows up in your life. Now, you’re going to look at those products through a very different filter.


When the top earners speak on stage, they tell you about their methods, behaviours and actions. What they don’t tell you about are the belief systems and filters that allow them to take those actions.

If your belief systems and filters are different to theirs, it’s likely you won’t get the same results when you try to take the same actions.

The good news is, belief systems are adaptable. They move and shift. By understanding about belief systems and filters, you can break down a map of other people’s filters and adapt them for yourself.

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