IM Online 24 Series


Ways to Effectively Use Instagram for Your Business

This video focuses on Instagram and what it can do to showcase and grow any brand. Visuals are essential and Instagram allows visual imagery to tell stories through posts. Ten tips are given which will give the viewer a glimpse of what a proper and effective posting on Instagram should look like.


Tips to Deliver Better Facebook Live Videos

In this video the viewer is acquainted with facebook live, and how it can be used for business. There are 9 tips to follow, which are easy to follow and also not very time-consuming. Among them are making sure of the right timing, having good visual quality, as well as audio quality.


Essential Things to Check for Better SEO

This video deals with the concept of SEO and how it can be done better for any web page. A checklist is given, and all the viewer has to do is to go through it step by step bo achieve a better ranking on search engines.


How to Host a Photography Contest on Instagram

In this video, the viewer learns about Instagram and holding a photography contest as part of a marketing campaign. Some benefits of holding contests are its being low-cost, can get free advertising, encourages social sharing, can get a huge amount of organic traffic. Going through the 5 steps will ensure better sales performance and more following.


Use Facebook Live Video to Promote Your Company

This video zooms in on Facebook live as a marketing tool for business. It starts with what Facebook live video is and how it can be used, then the benefits of using this tool. For business, Facebook live has also a lot of uses which are enumerated for effective use of any entrepreneur.


How to Use Social Media Giveaways to Grow Your List

In this video the concept of social media giveaways is highlighted as a way to rapidly grow an email list. Humans have a natural love for winning and getting things for free. Structured properly, a social media giveaway will allow the entrepreneur to build his/her list at a faster rate


Backlink Building Strategies You Need to Start Using

Backlink building can be a struggle at times, especially when you don’t make it a regular part of your SEO strategy. You need to actively pursue backlinks and continue making it a priority. You can try to get review sites to review your products or services. You could search for mentions of your site, add an RSS feed, and look for guest posting opportunities. But, the single most important factor is your content.


Use Influencer Marketing to Increase Your Social Reach

In this video the viewer gets to learn influencer marketing and how it can be an unconventional yet effective marketing strategy. This video defines and expounds on the concept, as well as how he/she can find influencers in your industry. Tips are also given as to how to approach influencers to get those “mentions” to get the huge impact for your business.


Make Sure Your Marketing Emails Don’t Get Marked as Spam

This video focuses on the reasons email marketing campaigns fail by getting stuck in the spam folder. Not to worry though, specific and easy steps are given so that emails can reach your subscribers’ inbox and hopefully can get read instead of labelled as spam


Know About Brand Positioning

This video focuses on the concept of brand positioning and why you need to create your own for your business. Apart from providing a definition, this video gives the elements and provides an easy to follow guide to creating your own brand position statement that’s unique and applicable to your business.

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