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Buying traffic can be risky if you advertise to the wrong people.

Facebook custom audiences solve this problem. By using this feature, you can load up an email list or phone number list to Facebook, and advertise to those people only.

The process of setting up a Facebook custom audience is simple enough that you can even train your virtual assistants to do it for you.

In this video, filmed at the Titanium Mastermind in the Dominican Republic, Daven Michaels walks through the steps of setting up a Facebook custom audience.


When you advertise to custom audiences, you need to provide your own list.

If you already have an email list or a phone list, simply get a copy of it and you’ll be able to upload it to Facebook.

If not, start collecting a list as early as you can. You can do this by collecting contact information on your website, or in person.

Facebook likes you to have a minimum of 500 people in your custom audience. Until you reach this number, an alternative is to buy a list from a reputable source and start advertising to these people on Facebook. There’s no excuse for this not to be easy.


With a custom audience, you can start advertising to your list on Facebook.

Log into your Facebook account, and click on Manage Your Ads. Alternatively, you can go to the Facebook advertising home page.

Enter the Power Editor, click on Download, click on Audiences, and then click on Custom Audience. You will be asked to create an audience name and description for your own reference. After this comes the important part, which is the uploading of the email addresses or phone numbers.

Daven Michaels has 260,000 people in his custom audience. They may have entered their email address into his website at some stage. He is able to reach them through his Facebook ads and get his offers in front of them.

You can do the same, and even train your virtual assistant to do this process for you. With this method, you remove the risk associated with advertising to people who are not interested in your offer. Everyone who sees your ad has already given their contact information to you already.

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