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How to Host Photography Contest on Instagram

Marketing on Instagram allows you to make the most of the visual content you create. Research shows that photographs are still the most popular form of online content, and that means that no company can afford to ignore Instagram as a way of connecting with potential customers.

One of the best things about Instagram is that it’s very natural for companies to encourage users to create content. If you give them an incentive to do so, many of your followers will be eager to oblige. An Instagram photography contest is a great way to do that.

Benefits of Contest Marketing

Instagram Contest marketing allows companies to create excitement and energy while running a marketing campaign. People love to win prizes and a contest gives them the opportunity to do it—and at very little cost to you. Not only will be you likely to get free advertising in the form of sharing, but you’ll also end up with user-generated content you can use to promote your company on an ongoing basis.

 Contests on Instagram encourage social sharing. What that means for you and your company is that you can pay a small amount of money to advertise your contest and then—with any luck—get a huge amount of organic traffic as your followers submit their entries.

A contest on Instagram can help you draw attention to a new product or service, and it can also help your followers identify with your brand. Brand identification leads to brand loyalty and can turn one-time customers into brand ambassadors.

Tips for Hosting an Instagram Contest

The first step is to conceptualize your contest. Big companies often come up with creative ideas for contests. For example, Starbucks has hosted a contest where users decorate a plain white version of their cup. The winners have their cups produced as limited editions.

The next step is to come up with a compelling prize. The best prizes are those that attract targeted traffic. If you give away cash, you might get people who have no intention of ever buying from you. However, if your prize is a gift certificate for your products or a free product, the people who enter are likely to be in your target audience.

It’s a good idea to create a contest-specific hashtag for your Instagram contest. That way there’s a chance that your hashtag will trend and attract organic traffic to your page. The Starbucks contest mentioned above used the hashtag #WhiteCupContest. All of the entrants used the hashtag.

You should create clear-cut rules for your contest, making sure to specify start and end dates for submissions. You should also clearly state who is eligible to enter and any guidelines you expect entrants to follow.

When the entries begin to pour in, make sure to interact with the people who created them. Like and comment on their photos and share them with your followers. Remember, the goal is to create some sense of connectedness and engagement, so don’t miss the opportunity to do that.

The final step is to announce your winners and deliver the prizes promptly. If you’ve created a compelling contest, then the chances are good that you’ll be able to grow your following and sell a few products as a result.


Hosting a contest on Instagram is a cost-effective way to connect with new and existing followers. Depending on how you structure your contest, you can use it to increase your social following, build a list, or launch a new product. Whatever goal you choose, make sure that your contest is specifically designed to help you achieve it.

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